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Class 4 - Monday, September 8 - Tasting, Contrasting, and Pairing Sparkling Wines

$35 per class (plus tax and gratuity)

To sign up, please call 202-864-6445 or send us an email at

Format: each class will start with a sparkling wine and a bite to eat. We will then proceed to a tasting of 3 wines (half pours) paired with three bites.  The wines and food will vary each class based on the theme.

The goal of the classes is to become comfortable with the vast world of wine - learning how to read wine lists, and learning to identify types of wines you like.  As with everything we have done so far, our focus is on continuing to make the world of wine accessible and less complicated.  These are simply structured classes meant to encourage the exploration of wines.  They will not be technical or very theoretical in nature.

FOURTH CLASS:  Monday, September 8th - Tasting, Contrasting, and Pairing Sparkling Wines

We will pick three wines that will showcase the different kinds of aromas and flavors typically found in sparkling wines.  The focus will be on identifying these flavors and aromas, and guests determining their likes and dislikes.  We will also conduct a general overview on the many grapes used in these wines, and the general processes involved in sparkling wine making.